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Message from the Minister, January 2023

The Year of Transformation

As we enter this bright new year, filled with infinite possibilities, let us remember the whole universe awaits our transformation of mind and awakening to who we really are. Not only does our own individual peace depend upon this change of mind, but the peace of the world also remains an illusive idea while we linger in the shadows of our unawareness.

Living in the darkness of our own perceptions has become a habit for most of us. The person we represent can seem isolated and alone, trapped in a world of separation, war and uncertainty, the world outside steamrolling from one disaster to the next, year after year after year.

This brings us to the inevitable necessity for the complete and total transformation of our individual identities to the glorious realization and demonstration of our oneness and single identity in God. The God of which I am speaking being divine universal energy of love and truth, the essence and substance of life itself.

Each of us must finally be transformed by the renewing of our whole mind, our original divine mind. This is not simply theory or theology but a very real experience of the spiritual evolution of humankind. As part of the whole of life the individual will not escape the prerequisite transformation of the self in order to survive in the ever-changing and constant flow of the universe.

The perception of ourselves as small and separate has led to a thought system of attack and defense, fear and anxiety, violence and greed. Every single problem we face as human beings can be attributed to the mistaken perception that we are separate. This is why spiritual awakening is so important for us right now. If our greatest need is one of compassion and love, inclusion and acceptance, we can only experience those things when we see each other as one.

The scripture I refer to here is Romans 12:2 which states, “And be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…” This is not merely a transformation from one system of thought based on separation to another system of thought based on separation, but acceptance of a completely new way of thinking based on the very real experience of oneness.

My challenge and invitation to you, my brothers and sisters is, to make this year your year of transformation, make this year your year of oneness and forgiveness, healing and remembrance. The only time we actually have is now. I think now would be a great time to be not conformed to this world.

Be Blessed my friends and remember always to be a blessing…

Rev. Tony


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  1. Michael McCluskey

    Thank you… a great inspirational post. I would add these ideas.
    The very real experience of oneness is not available to us by thinking. The finite nature of thoughts will not expand enough to circumscribe the indescribable experience of infinite oneness. But in its benevolence, the universe (God) has provided everyone with a built in path that we all can follow, with no thinking required, to its profound home within us. Breath beckons us to put thinking aside and focus on its cyclical presence from outside at the edge of thinking to inside into the realm of thought-free divine stillness aka paradise where the promise of all else being added is fulfilled. When we experience the incomprehensible inner oneness, we are left with an worldly awareness of its indescribable presence and its gift of a new way of thinking.
    Breath is the both the Sacred Word and the unspeakable Holy Name of God. When we acknowledge this and use it to go within, the true meaning of our scriptures is revealed.

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