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Message From The Minister February 2023

The Peace that Surpasses Understanding

The Bible tells us of a peace which surpasses all understanding. Philippians 4:7 The truth is that this peace is here now, within us and all around us, waiting for us to put down our toys of separation and attack. This peace is available every moment of every day and at all places in space/time.

Perhaps you use your breath to help you fall into peace, perhaps a holy thought. You may chant or pray, sing or meditate in the silence. Whatever way you choose, the peace of God is always available and forever expanding in awareness.

The beauty and majesty reflected in the natural world is an ideal indication of the divine perfection of the universe and of the unseen power of Spirit in operation at all times. The question arises then, why do we attack our own peace and what can we do to help others see and experience their oneness with the world around them?

It has become painfully obvious that our mistaken belief that we are separate from the natural world and from each other is the root cause of all the misery on the planet. Our lack of peace can be directly related to how we view our relationship to one another and the universe as a whole. Peace in the world can be directly correlated to the level of peace in the individual. The only question then would be one of desire. Do I genuinely want peace for myself and the world?  For I have come to know the two can never been seen as separate.

Something I heard the other day watching an interview with Ram Dass was very enlightening to me, and it was this: “What we must remember through all of this is that despite all of our perceived differences, that all is one.” He talked about the illusion of separate self-identity and the freedom and peace that are found in the realization of oneness. I believe this to be our first and most fundamental task, to willingly let go of the value we have placed upon our separate self-identity and discover the unspeakable peace and power of our true identity in God.

And, when I say God, I am referring to the Universal Mind of the Universe, the heart of life, the reality of oneness and the field of divine possibilities. I am referring to the totality of love and the eternal nature of all living things. I refer to the Spirit of truth, the unfailing guidance from within and without which never alters with time or location, the One Power and One Presence active in the Universe and in my life… and I refer to so much more that cannot be described in words. I refer to the experience of peace which surpasses all understanding.

Be blessed my friends… Be in peace.

Rev. Tony