Message from the Minister September 2020

Trusting the Spirit of Eternal Love


What seems to be one of the darkest times in modern history has given me no other place to turn except to Spirit. I call God “Spirit” because the word God has been misunderstood and misrepresented for so long. The scripture from (1 John chapter 4) in the New Testament reminds  me, “God is Love.” End of story! Anything that is not of love is not of God! That’s what I trust, the expression of love and the demonstration of compassion. You can throw out all the complicated theology which can be misused as a tool for separation. As for me, I choose to stick with love.

The bible also tells me “God is Spirit, and must be worshipped in spirit and in Truth,” (John 4:24) I like that, because it relinquishes the idea of an anthropomorphic god and expands our experience of what this Spirit might be. If it is anything, it must first be love, and then it must also be eternal. If I can start with these two fundamental principles, I will have a better chance of having a true spiritual experience.

Religion itself, any religion, is the attempt of human beings to have an experience of a spiritual nature, and to make that experience the cornerstone of life, to find and follow the guidance of the Spirit. When that guidance is subverted by Man’s limited thinking, we end up with all manner of evil being carried out in the name of God. How pathetic is the attempt to cover up our judgments and attacks with our religion, and how tragic it is for those who, by doing so will fail to experience God as unconditional and eternal love.

Right now, I need that experience. I need to feel the presence of the living God within me and all around me. I find it a necessity to turn to that Spirit of love and drink from the fountain of Truth on a daily basis. The darkness and oppression, racism and violence has raised its ugly head once again; and once again I am challenged to love my enemies and pray for those who blatantly advocate for violence and destruction. I am reminded by my way shower, Yeshua, to forgive, for they truly don’t know what they are doing… because they don’t know who and what they are.

However, if I am a spiritual being, unlimited in potential and power, so is everyone else. My purpose remains to stay awake and aware of my own spiritual nature and invite all others to discover this great miracle for themselves. It doesn’t matter how deep the darkness, or how unconscious the mind may be. My job is to be the light of the world. Do I know how to do that? Of course, I do. Not from my limited perspective of myself and the world, but from the Christ within. It is there for me to discover, if only I turn to that Spirit and trust it completely, with all my heart. Then I will be guided to accomplish all that is mine to do, with grace and ease, in divine timing and perfect order.

The unchanging, eternal Spirit of the living God is the one thing I can truly place my trust in, because comes from love and only love!

Be blessed and be the Love you seek my friends.

Rev. Tony