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Message From the Minister May 2023

A Little Spring Cleaning

Spring always comes with such renewed energy and hope for a bright and beautiful season ahead, increased activities, more time outside, and more time with friends. There is a feeling of optimism and excitement in the air. The first thing, however, is the clearing out of all the clutter left over from the winter months, making room for something clean and fresh and new.

As I removed the body of a very large squirrel from the attic of our Unity spiritual center, I couldn’t help but laugh as I said to myself, “All in a day’s work for the minister.” I could have never imagined what opportunities I would have when I signed up to be the senior minister of this community. It apparently requires all the talents I have gained over the years and a few I never even considered.

What a wonderful metaphor was this dead creature in our attic, perhaps representing the last of my “stinking thinking” which needed to be eradicated from my mind. One little grievance that could justify all the rest. Obviously, it had to go; but just as obviously, I had to be the one to do it. It wasn’t difficult to do. I will spare you the details. However, it was poignant to me that I was not only clearing out the attic of the building; but I was also clearing out the dead thoughts from my consciousness.

Recently, I cleaned out our basement at home and organized all my tools. I felt satisfied and ready for the next project, at least on the surface. I had noticed a blockage in the flow of my energy level. I usually feel enough energy to accomplish the work of five individuals; but lately I was feeling exhausted and slightly uninspired, at times downright disappointed in the human race.

It is amazing what removing one little squirrel in your attic can do, or in my case, one very large, and decomposing squirrel. I have to laugh every time I think about it. Like clearing the blockage in a water hose, or breaking the dam of a stream, the energy began to flow once again. The excitement of cleaning up the remains became to me a symbolic ritual, another sign to keep the energy flowing and divine order will reveal itself once again. I was so happy to be clearing this space from the dearly departed rodent.

The other part of the project was to build a strong barrier where the animals were getting in and spread some natural repellant as well to keep them away. Again, this was another wonderful metaphor for building the thought system of love and forgiveness and keeping the passageways to my mind protected by the Truth.

The spring cleanup is not over by any means, but the excitement is back, and my thoughts are clear. There are no grievances that stand in the way of my joy. No matter what needs to be eradicated from my thinking, I will do it with joy and not consternation. When the task ahead seems so great, or just slightly unpleasant, I will remember that I just need to focus on the thing in front of me and accomplish my assignment with an openness of mind to the gift being offered. I can say now, without hesitation, spring is the best time to clean up your attic and perhaps clear up your mind as well.

Summer is on the way my friends. Be ready for it by doing your spring cleaning, inside and out!

Be blessed and be a blessing…

Rev. Tony