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Message From the Minister, May 2022

Springing into Heaven

Spring is our favorite time of year for rebirth and rejuvenation, planting new seeds and performing selfless deeds; but Spring also represents a time of fresh beginnings and new adventures. It is a time of stepping out, beyond the parameters of previous experience, into a bright new world given us through grace.

Perhaps this season we can embrace a spiritual adventure and a rebirth of our Christ nature. Perhaps we can sow the seeds of hope and healing for all those who have forgotten who they really are. And perhaps we will make a decision to turn our life and our will over to the care of the one mind, the one heart which rules the universe through love.

When we emerge from our winter slumber and solitude, it is as though we have never seen the world before. It is filled with color and fragrance, richness and beauty which can be forgotten in the long months of cold and grey. A simple flower can enchant you and bring deep connection with the divine. The birds seem to sing of Heaven and home. The sky appears endless, clear and inviting. We can also begin to feel the warmth of belonging once again as we walk along the forest paths or stroll the majestic shore.

So too is the world of Spirit. When we have spent long periods of time lost in the world of illusion and separation the world of oneness and love seems like a far away dream. We forget the beauty of our relationship with God and one another. Long intervals of time spent in unawareness of our blessings can blind us to the eternal love within us and all around us. Only an experience beyond our present perception will bring us out into the light, where we feel once again our connectedness to every living thing.

Until the light has come into our consciousness, and we have a genuine experience of God-within, the world of separation will seem real to us, the light of truth and the reality of Heaven will seem but a dream. Thus the need for a miracle once again becomes apparent.

The miracle of spiritual awakening and illumination has the same effect on the individual as the changing of Winter to Spring, the complete transformation of everything around you; but most of all, the emergence of a new you as you spring into the heaven of your true reality. Unlike the transience of nature however, once we spring into Heaven, we will find an unchanging realm which never changes or fades into grey. The truth of Heaven will stay in our awareness no matter what changes seem to come. Once we spring into the light of Heaven, the world of separation will be what seems like a far away dream, for now we have awakened to the truth of our being.

Be blessed my friends and Be a Blessing,

Rev. Tony