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Message From the Minister April 2023

The Light of Spring

Springtime can be a wonderful reminder that no matter how long our winter has been or how dark the days seemed to be; we will always see the light returning into our lives. When you live in New England, the inevitable return of the seasons is well received. The most anticipated being spring, the return of light and warmth, the sounds of the birds and open stretches of sand which invite your feet to walk for hours. All the wonders of nature come alive once again, and the people also begin to gather.

This year, Easter, Ramadan and Passover conveniently converged to mark the beginning of a Spring full of hope and promise. The feeling of oneness is in the air, the recognition of our shared humanity is coming back into focus, and the acceptance of our shared divinity is not far behind. The light of our true spiritual nature has made its way into our consciousness. The light is dawning on our minds.

When the first warm days of Spring arrive, many of us drop whatever we are doing to simply sit in the sun and soak up those first welcomed rays of light. Perhaps more than physical light, we are also soaking in the healing rays of spiritual light. As we stop to focus on nothing at all, simply allowing and receiving the light, something shifts within us. We become softer, brighter, more loving and open to new growth.

Stopping to let the light in is the very first step in welcoming the new growth of the Spring and Summer seasons; but we must also make a clear path in our hearts and minds by letting go of the clutter of our consciousness. Much like the spring cleaning of our homes, we find great clarity when we clear our minds from distracting, negative thinking. We discover a deeper freedom when we clear out old destructive emotional patterns; and we gain a glorious appreciation of the life we have the privilege enjoy.

The convergence of the Holy days this year reminds me of how interdependent we are, shedding a brighter light upon the reality of our oneness with all living beings everywhere. It also reminds me of the greater truth of creation and the glory of our divine infinite nature. It brings the light back into my mind and the love back into my heart; to remember our oneness, bask in its warmth and trust in the light, we find in these incredible moments of rebirth, reconnection and rejuvenation. Spring has arrived, both without and within. This is a time to be humble, to be grateful and to be trusting… for all things work together for good to those who are called to a higher purpose.

Enjoy your time of rebirth my friends.

Be blessed and be a blessing…

Rev. Tony