Minister’s Message July

Message from the Minister July 2017

Celebrating our Independence

July is the month we begin by celebrating our nation’s independence day; but a greater liberation awaits those who are now willing to abandon the world of suffering and accept their freedom as a living, loving creation of a loving God. We have together discovered the immutable law of oneness; that we are of one mind, one heart, one love, one God, one creator and one perfect creation, forever expanding in the eternal reality we all share. Now has come the time to claim this truth as your own unchanging reality. Free from all thoughts of separation and loss, we can continue to discover this amazing, dynamic truth which holds us in an energy of continuous healing and harmony.

What does it take? What do I need to do?
Perhaps you need a revolution of consciousness in order to break the chains of limited thinking, that’s why we have chosen the spiritual path. Each one of us here at Unity has made a choice to practice freedom from separation and suffering in every form it takes.
By practicing the principles of truth, we train our minds to always see the world Spirit is offering us each moment. When we live in that world, we offer the way to freedom and of peace to all our brothers and sisters everywhere. The shift of awareness, the awakening of consciousness and the world of oneness is a real thing my friends.

Your time is now!
This might be your time to join the revolution of mind and become a catalyst of true spiritual freedom for yourself and for everyone. The world needs your awakening and your joy. I can see no better way to be the light and carry healing to all those who have forgotten who they really are. Look into your heart now and ask this question of yourself, “Am I willing now to bring peace and freedom to the world?” If your answer is yes, you are in the right place, right here at Unity!

Yours in Christ Consciousness
Rev. Tony