Youth Education. Sunday School

The SPARKS program is in full swing.

Welcome to Our New Team:
We are thrilled and honored to have Theresa Lawn as the new Team Leader for our SPARKS youth education program. And, we are also so very grateful for Michelle Amaral and Era Doherty as they continue to be spiritual teachers for our young people.

If you have children or know of members of our community with children who would like to attend Unity, we want you to know that SPARKS is waiting for you with open arms and open hearts.

Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” Mark 10:14

Our Youth Education program (which we call SPARKS) has been clarifying and brain-storming their own mission and vision.

We are a Creative, Energetic and Loving community and we are here to Learn, Share, and Celebrate God’s Spirit in each other.

 The Unity Sparks Program


S piritual
P eaceful
A rtistic
R e Joy Sing
K ids
S woosh!

Youth education takes place in Friendship Hall; our downstairs facility, every Sunday morning during the services. Instruction is provided by at least two members of a rotating staff of volunteers from the congregation. Class content is arranged and managed by our Youth Education Ministry leader.


Unity on Cape Cod – SPARKS 2017 Christmas Pageant

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