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Twenty-One Days of Abundant Living Unity on Cape Cod
An experiment in prosperity
Word of the Day from Rev. Tony Cryer

Day Twenty-one: Practicing the Presence

sun-334659_640Now that I know where the eternal source of my abundance abides, I can practice the presence of Spirit in all that I do. As I live in awareness of my source, and walk in the flow of divine substance, each step I take in life is blessed with a rich prosperity and a healing presence. My supply comes from Spirit and is given purpose by Spirit. I dwell in the presence, in every thought, word and action. I am a bringer of light to everyone in my life and to all the world. I welcome the increase of substance to help carry out the works of the Christ Consciousness. I thrive within the environment of generosity and gratitude. The beloved presence guides my actions and uplifts me in every aspect of my being. I am a demonstration of the infinite supply of divine love, as I practice the presence of God.

Day Twenty: Power of Thought

jesusThe third principle of Unity states, “My experiences are the result of my thinking. Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought.”
Many people think this principle is going too far. Maybe my experiences can be the result of my thinking, but “Everything” in the manifest realm? That is too much power and responsibility for me to handle. I don’t want my thoughts to be that powerful. Remember that God is all power and you are a child of the source of all power. There is no way you are going to change who you really are. As a magnificent and powerful creation of a loving God, you can demonstrate the power of your own thoughts in bringing the gifts of the Spirit into the world. We can only if we think we can ! I will use the power of my thoughts to bring peace and prosperity to everyone, everywhere.

Day Nineteen: Receiving

receivingWhat I manifest in my life is solely dependent on what I am open to receive.
The divine substance of God is always present within me, available at all times and in every situation. When I clear my life of conflict and distracting goals, my intention becomes focused on the increasing blessings that are offered me each day. My goal now is to receive the infinite abundance of Universal Mind, to receive and to BE a blessing in this world.
I become happy to give as freely as I receive. I give to others so we may share in this experience of continuous prosperity. I remain confident, trusting and receptive to Truth, to help guide my thoughts. I allow Spirit to bring into manifestation everything that can contribute to my happiness and the ever-increasing joy of my brothers and sisters everywhere. All the universe has been given me. How much am I willing to receive?

Day Eighteen: Charity/Love

LoveOne of our most often read passages from the Bible concerning Love is, 1Corinthians:13, which we typically recite at wedding ceremonies. It translates the word love from “charity,” the selfless giving of ourselves to another. If I am giving with thought of return, it is not charity, and therefore not love. If I trust the law of giving and receiving, I know my reward is already mine, waiting to be manifest by the readiness of my heart. The scripture says, “And now abides faith, hope and charity, but the greatest of these is charity.” When I have faith in the absolute goodness of God and maintain a positive, hopeful attitude, it becomes easy for me to give and give abundantly. Charity has become a way of life, and a way for me to love myself. My loving charity will always bless the world and those around me as well. My world is a world of constant giving, sharing and love. 

Day Seventeen: Hope/Expectancy

HopeIt has been said… We may not always receive what we want, what we ask for, what we think we need, or even what we pray for; but we always receive what we expect. Hope is not saying, “I hope something good will happen.” It is saying, “I place my hope in the eternal, unlimited power of God within me.” This kind of hope has a certain expectancy that comes from the inevitable results of placing your trust in spiritual law. I expect good to come to me even in the midst of challenging times. I expect the highest and best outcome in every situation, even if I cannot see it yet. Charles Fillmore’s favorite scripture was, “Christ in me is my Hope of Glory” (Col.1) Knowing that Christ is within you is enough. My “Hope of Glory” is manifest in the fulfillment of my potential in Christ Consciousness. I expect and receive all that is mine with open hands and hopeful heart.

Day Sixteen: Faith/Belief

FaithThe book of Hebrews in the Bible says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of that which is not seen.” So faith is also belief. In Unity, we base much of our belief in the unseen, Divine Substance which is all around us and within us at all times. We have faith in the immutable laws of Universal Mind, which always responds to the vibrations of our soul. I see the evidence of this faith when envisioning the life and the self I want to manifest in the world. The true miracle is, I always receive more than I can imagine, and I live a life beyond my wildest dreams. Spirit takes the vision in my mind and expands it to include everyone. I have faith that I will always receive what is for my highest good and the good of everyone around me at all times.

Day Fifteen: Peace of Mind

budhistPerhaps the most valuable thing I can acquire in this life is true peace of mind. When peace of mind has been achieved, there is nothing else I really need or want. I am always certain of what to do, where to go, what to say, and with whom I should share my abundance. When I dwell in peace, giving becomes a way to maintain that tranquil state, and a way I demonstrate peace in the world. I bring peace and healing to all those around me, and the peace we share is received by all those who will cross our path. Jesus said. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be known as children of God.” (Matt.5) “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you…” (John 14).

Day Fourteen: Caring

baby WordsThere is much to be said about caring for others. Most people who devote their lives to caring for others say they do it for themselves, not for the other people. When I give myself away in service to others, I do so for the enrichment of my own life. I remember there were always others there for me in my times of need. If I can be there for someone else or my community, it is my privilege to do so. My heart is open and attentive to the needs of others. I care for my brothers and sisters in prayer as well, knowing Spirit will always bring each one the perfect answer to their call, and fill every need for the highest good of all.

Day Thirteen: Sharing

sharingImagine you have a bowl, but no food to put inside your bowl. Your neighbor has some vegetables, but no knife with which to cut them up. His neighbor has a knife, but nothing to cut. A third neighbor has some herbs and spices and another has a stove and the other, the pots and pans and spoons. Put them all together and you have the makings of a great meal
for everyone; but try to hold onto what you have for yourself alone and you have withheld the one ingredient that makes it all work. Everyone has a part of equal value to the whole, no matter how small it may seem. It is in sharing your gift does the feast of life begin. I bring my gifts to the table so everyone may share in the feast of life.

Day Twelve: Happiness

Happiness 21Joy and happiness are natural states to those who give. As I give of my time, my talents and my treasure, a greater happiness envelopes my soul. The more I give, the greater is my joy. I am happy to learn giving is a way to an abundant life, and in this manner is the world made free of the idea that giving is a way to lose. I will give a portion of what has been freely given me by God. In time I will learn that all beings are One, and all I give is given to myself. Everything I give away comes back to me, increased a thousand times, and blessed with the love of all creation. Everything that comes my way adds to my happiness and joy. I am a happy giver.

Day Eleven: Inspiration

inspirationThere are times when I feel Spirit active in all my thoughts and actions. In these times, I know I am in the divine flow of infinite abundance. There are also times I feel cut off from my abundance and in need of inspiration from others. In fact, the word inspiration means, “in the spirit.” When I am in the spirit, I can feel all the universe is mine, and I share that abundance by inspiring others as well. More Than our words or our teaching, we inspire each other through living abundantly in the spirit. I let Spirit be my guide in all areas of my life. I am a divine inspiration for others.

Day Ten: Acceptance

flowers AcceptanceLove and acceptance go hand in hand. When I accept my brothers and sisters just the way they are, I know I am loving them with the love of God in me. In this way, I open the door to self-acceptance as well. I learn to accept myself as a whole and perfect creation of a loving God. The peace I find in the arms of a loving source brings me into a new awareness of who I really am in truth. In this truth, I can accept all that is really mine with a humble heart and receptive attitude. Today I accept the gifts Spirit so freely offers me each moment of my life.


Day Nine: Forgiveness

forgivenessThere is great freedom in releasing myself from the prison of resentment. Knowing that I am always holding my self in the same vibration I send out to others, I choose to forgive all those to which I have held any negative thoughts or emotions. When I become aware of those feelings, I take responsibility for them and quickly forgive. I send out thoughts of healing instead, and thus become receptive to greater healing in my life. When I hold anyone outside my forgiveness, I deepen my own feelings of guilt and separation. As I release everyone from the past, my debt to the past is lifted as well. I choose to forgive and set myself free to live an abundant life, filled with joy and gratitude.

Day Eight: Intention

road-220058_640When I have the vision for my life streaming clearly within my consciousness, I can use the power of my intention to manifest greater good in my life and in the lives of those around me. I think thoughts which support my vision. I also speak and act in ways that are intentionally loving, giving and supportive of others as well as myself. This is the moment I realize the power of my intention, and use it to uplift the consciousness of humankind. I will use the power of my mind to bless and create goodness in the world.

Day Seven: I am Blessed

BlessedIf I honestly consider all the gifts I have received freely from the Universe, I can know that I am truly blessed. There is no situation that the Love of God is not present in my life. There is nothing this love cannot do, and there is no person in which this love does not exist. I am blessed with the knowledge of the omnipresence of Universal Love. I am one with the power of Universal Mind and I am flowing with the energy of Universal Abundance. Whenever I get caught up in worry, fear and doubt, all I have to remember is; “I am too blessed to be stressed.” All my concerns turn to possibilities, all my doubts turn to increased awareness when I accept the gifts of God are already mine, here and now.

Day Six: Expression

mother boyI am now willing to be an expression of God’s Love in the world. Whatever I think I am or believe to be doing in this world, I am still always and only an expression of the creative source of all creation. Since the divine substance depends on me to become manifest in my life, I choose now to step into greater expression of my true nature. By living the principles I am learning in Unity, I have come into a fuller, freer, more expanded expression of myself in the world.
As I learn to give what I have to others, I see it expanding in me and in my life. I am demonstrating the Love of God through my creative expression.

Day Five: Divine Substance

planet-581239_640 (1)It has been said Albert Einstein spent a majority of his life searching for the “Theory of Everything,” a single theory which could demonstrate the common element which holds all things in the universe together as one. What he was looking for was a way to explain what we call, “Divine Substance,” the elemental life force at the core of all existence. Everything I could ever need or want is already within and all around me, simply waiting for me to bring it into manifestation through the power of my mind. Divine Substance is always available in infinite amount. What I accept into my experience depends upon my willingness to work with divine law, and intentionally focus the substance of God for the highest good of everyone in every situation.

Day Four: Abundant Attitude

woman-591576_640When I look at my thoughts as the basis of my experience, I see how important is my attitude. If my attitude is, “I never have enough” that is what my life will look like. I am determined to have a positive attitude around money, and to use it to further my ability to bring more joy to the world. If I have an abundant attitude, money will also be charged with positive energy as I send it back out into the world… and that positive energy will return to me, multiplied with the same light from which it came. I will not see money as bad or good, but simply as a currency of energy. What energy that currency carries is up to me. I choose to have an abundant attitude and share the currency of Love.


Day Three: Giving


Everyday I am offered many opportunities to give. When I stay awake and aware of what I can give to the world, I realize I have unique gifts which are Spirit’s way of expressing love, healing and prosperity through me. I also open myself to receiving more as I increase my giving. I find there is no end to all the blessings I can give when I am willing to receive.

Day Two: Trust

trustIn the moment I let go and have faith in the source of all life, I fall into the field of infinite possibilities. What is exactly right for me and for my highest good is sure to be made manifest out of the ever-present substance of Universal Mind.
I affirm the perfection of Spirit at work in every situation or event in my life.
I place my trust in God, within me and everywhere present, knowing that the love of God is the primary substance of everything and everyone. When I have a decision to make or a calling to answer, I trust this eternal love to guide my actions and choose my words. I will trust the process of giving my life to God.

Day One: Gratitude

flowers-1338641_640As I give thanks for all I have, all that I am, and all I give and receive. I am filled with gratitude and appreciation. I am grateful for all the people in my life who share their love and many talents to make my life more abundant and happy. I have appreciation for all the gifts I have to offer as well. Instead of focusing on what I think I need to make me happy or prosperous, I make a decision to be grateful and happy, knowing the Universe can give me only that which I am ready to receive. In gratitude for everything I have right now, I make myself ready for a greater flow of abundance in my life.


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