Platform Team

Charlie Worrick, Team Leader
Board Liaison, Len Klein

Platform Leaders Mission and Purpose:
To assist the minister in the coordination of Sunday Service, and act as principal Greeter aka Service Host. To represent our Spiritual Center as an example of leadership, community involvement and professional presentation of Unity Principles in action.

Specific duties include:
1. Inspiring and interactive reading of the Daily Word.
2. Deliver our welcome statement, including newcomers.
3. Introduce service participants (including audio/visual team)
4. Announce fellowship greeting during service.
5. Initiate announcements.
6. Be available for Q&A after service.

Possible expansion of duties:
Assist greeters before and after service.

(when minister is out of town):
Welcome guest speakers.
Issue call to service and opening prayer.
Direct service activities after the message: announcements, offertory, announce the kids and lead the Sparks blessing, closing prayer.