Earth Care Team

Earth Care Team

Team Leader, Martha Powers/Board Liaison, Karen Lilly

The purpose of the Earth Care Ministry Team is to bring awareness to God’s vision for how we are to live with integrity in relation to this earth and all of its creatures, and to celebrate God’s gifts so abundant in the natural world.

Minister’s Vision and description:

Honoring the Earth and all her inhabitants as a vital part of the web of life, we strive to keep our “Earth Care Covenant” as a guide for our actions and attitudes toward the environment. We will teach and instruct in ways we can be more conscious stewards of the Earth, and prepare programs and special events throughout the month of April, focused around our Earth Day celebration. Members of the Earth Care team will work closely with the leader of the team in order to pray for and encourage greater awareness and love toward our planet and all living things with which we share our planet.

Earth Care Covenant for Unity on Cape Cod

Acknowledging that all of creation is connected, we, as a sacred community, are committed to being responsible stewards of our earthly home. We affirm that we hold a deep respect for all life, and a sincere reverence for the interdependent web of all that is.
We envision a world where all beings are supported in living the lives for which they were created. We live in gratitude and appreciation while working to bring awareness to others. Let us join together as we mindfully support the well-being and protection of Cape Cod’s natural environment and the world beyond. We declare our covenant with God to walk lightly upon this beautiful Earth as we hold this vision for the greatest good of all creation.