Core Values

Core Values –Spiritual Community Behaviors-Individual Behaviors REPORT OUT

How people will know when we are walking our talk, when are being who we say we are!

We are:



Provides accurate information in terms understandable or familiar to the person or group; Speaking & acting in ways to reflect the facts makes us worthy of trust, reliance and belief; Being faithful to our internal Self rather than conforming to what others might expect.

image2-08Spiritual CommUNITY Behaviors

1.We offer services on Sunday that encourages people to have a spiritual experience.

2.We offer workshops and events that inspire people to move into a higher consciousness of the Christ within.

3. We provide accurate financial information to our membership council and commUNITY members on a regular basis.

4. The Board of Trustees practices healthy decisions making using the A.D.D.S process: Announce, Discuss with the people impacted before the decision is made, Decision-makers decide and then Share the decision/process used to make that decision.

Individual Behaviors

1. As a commUNITY member I participate to support myself and my spiritual community.

2. I honor my agreements and I have the right to change my mind. So, I say “Yes, no or re-negotiate.”

3. I look at my communication with myself and others. I avoid the following scenarios: Justify self / invalidate others; I win / you lose; Dominate/ Avoid domination; Being right/ Making others wrong.

4. I practice spiritual giving and receiving: I give to the places and people where I am spiritually fed.




Seeking to understand the experience and feelings of others

CompassionSpiritual CommUNITY Behaviors

1. We teach and model “Agreeing and Disagreeing in Love” classes on a regular basis and model the use of that in working within the commUNITY.

2. As a group, we quarterly, contribute to others in our neighborhood –Adopted families for Christmas gifts, backpacks of School supplies for children

3. We seek to get to win/win/win solutions – where all individuals as well as the group wins.

Individual Behaviors

1. Support Unity by showing up and showing interest

2. I seek to understand another’s point of view before being understood.

3. I welcome differences of opinion.



We express unconditional love, an inner quality that seeing the good in everything and everyone.

Spiritual CommUNITY Behaviorsimage2-09

1. Our Children Ministry program supports our children in experiencing themselves as the perfect creations of God that they are.

2. See the Divine Love in others especially when we disagree.

3. We offer nourishing foods at Unity gatherings.

Individual Behaviors

1. I love myself completely, as Spirit does, and I express my divine perfection and wholeness.

2. I look for the good in others and speak well of them.

3. Since there is no separation between mind and body or spirit, I nourish my mind, body and spirit with the highest good.


Bravery of the heart-mind; the ability to act and confront whatever appears to stands in our way.

Spiritual CommUNITY Behaviors

1. We stand up for our values and what we believe in.

2. We are courageous when we reply authentically especially when it would be easier to just agree.

3. We are willing to try something new to solve a consistent problem.

Individual Behaviors

  1. I now speak from a place of Truth when there is something that I feel or know that I am not in agreement with.
  2. I stand up for my values and what I believe in.
  3. I do my best to be all God created me to be, for I know I am fully capable, entirely unique and wholly deserving.


When we consistently act according to the values, beliefs and principles we say we hold; this leads to unity, wholeness and completeness.

Spiritual CommUNITY Behaviors

1. We will keep our communications honest and timely.Core values Unity on cape Cod

2. We live our Unity values, principles and beliefs in all our actions.

3a. We treat others and ourselves with respect and honor.

3b. We have a system in place for “checks and balances” in all areas of Unity, not only the financials, but also the spiritual wellbeing of our commUnity members is important.

Individual Behaviors

1. I commit to being the best person I can be, this is an ongoing process in my life.

2. I will keep my communications honest, I will not engage in rumor spreading.

3. I live my Unity values, principles and beliefs in everyday tasks or encounters.


Light-hearted, high spirited and exuberant and good natured. We extend this joy-filled perspective out into the world.

Opening Bookstore Unity on the CapeSpiritual CommUNITY Behaviors

1. As Jesus said in Mt 18:3, we are to “become as a little child” for theirs is the kingdom of God, we encourage a childlike approach by being open, willing and joyful.

2. We create sacred experiences where our joy in Spirit can show up.

3. We support spiritual social action and let our Light shine in joy-filled ways as we make a difference on the Cape.

Individual Behaviors

1. I take challenging moments and look on the bright side of it. There’s always a silver lining.

2. I make time to do something I enjoy every day.

3. I am willing to laugh at myself.


We are committed to embodying Unity’s First Principle – There is only One Power and Presence, God the Good, Omnipotence.
We are willing to see beyond that which already is, and to bring into existence ‘a world that works for everyone’.

Spiritual CommUNITY Behaviors

1. We offer workshops, classes and events that support visionary practices.unity on cape cod

2. We deny any appearances of lack and limitation by focusing on what we do want, creating with a noble goal in mind.

3. We are a welcoming community, providing education and encouragement to help us to invite new comers, so that we can transform as many lives as possible.

Individual Behaviors

1. I live knowing that I am an individualized expression of the Divine.

2. I integrate my divine essence into ordinary daily living.

3. I seek to see the Christ in others as I envision our Oneness.