What the World Needs Now…


Remember the old song … “What the world needs now is Love sweet Love”… This applies even more today than yesterday…  “Not just for some…but for everyone.”

More than ever the world also needs Unity.

United States.  United Nations.  This world needs to be as “One nation … indivisible…with Liberty and Justice for ALL”

If we expect something we are more likely to find it.

Our differences need not divide us if we embrace them with love and recognize the reality that we are all United in our desire to make things better.

There are many differences even within “Unity” about how to accomplish that goal.  That’s a good thing.

Here’s a way to express the plea for compassion to those who need to see the world as a competition:

When differences are expressed with love we all win.

Each of us gets to see a perspective we may not have considered on our own. Each of us gets to be accepted and loved.  That allows us to grow and change without being judged for the “false” starts and “mis”steps in our journey that have truly led us to the increasingly more wonderful places we are meant to be.

Acceptance of all nurtures hope like a sunshower upon the beautiful array of hearty wildflowers gathering in fields across our land.

Unity is not just the name of a community.  It is the means by which the community continues to survive and flourish.

I have encountered many  blossoms in the journey through Unity.  In gratitude I present two Wildflowers I found in today’s travels and as we head toward Martin Luther King day:



If you don’t know what they mean I offer you the words of advice my parents always offered me:  “Look it up, it’s good for you”.



PS  Even the same wildflower looks very different when we consider a new point of view… (See photo)

Wesley Ewell

planet-581239_640 (1)After 35 years of exploring spirituality, metaphysics, and biblical history, while unaffiliated with any religion, I am so grateful to have found a spiritual home with like-minded souls at Unity on Cape Cod. Unity’s Sunday services are as uplifting as a revivalist camp meeting and as soul calming as a quiet meditation. And the spiritual energy in the room is palpable. I call it the angels in the room.


lotus-1205631_640I have noticed I am experiencing some spiritual challenges these days. I am so grateful I am paying attention. It is a reminder to me how far my spiritual journey has taken me. I can recall going along with the crowd and not paying attention to my soul-speak. Of course when you do that it speaks louder and louder until you drop to your knees and listen. I am listening. The still small space is guiding me to a higher good. Some of it is uncomfortable. But most of it is transforming me in ways where I speak my Truth, share my disappointments, and release that which does not serve me. I cannot live my life any other way. And a funny thing has happened in that still small space- creativity, abundance and manifestation with a sense of disconnect from the world chatter. I am grateful.


Pathways to Unity

sunriseI was living and working in Honolulu in 1984 and doing a lot of healing work. I wanted a spiritual home and attended Unity on Diamond Head. The message was clear, practical and began an amazing time of self discovery and growth for me.
I have been involved since that time. I am grateful for the the deep and powerful gifts I have received and incorporate them in all areas of my life.


Pathways to Unity

What first drew you to Unity and then what compelled you to keep coming back?



Earth Day 2015 and David Roth’s Sermon in Song drew us in…the loving synergistic positive energy emanating from within this place and each person here keep attracting us back like a magnet…and the joy of the arts.

Music and dance found Unity on Cape Cod…and so did we!

To be continued…

Sue Carlson