Sunday Service with Felicia Rose
Aug 19 @ 10:00 am

Let Go to Grow
The Path of Acceptance

As we walk through life we are constantly met with situations, experiences and consequences that define our journey. We set intentions and create goals to focus our attention towards the direction we feel most inclined to pursue. Are they aligned with our higher selves, Spirit?
Acceptance can be a very hard pill to swallow, and yet many of us have stated “make me an instrument of Thy peace”. Felicia’s message is about attachments and how to let them go in order to grow into the clear channels we are all destined to be!

Felicia Rose primarily shares her ministry through music. Her messages of higher consciousness and sacred practice are woven into her songs of Spirit.
Felecia is an ordained as a minister by the Assembly of the Word Church located in N.E. Pennsylvania, which focuses on a Path of Meditation towards God Realization.
Along with her vibrant music ministry, Felicia has devoted the past 20 years to studying and practicing this Path.

Sunday Service with Rev. Tony Cryer
Aug 26 @ 10:00 am

Sharing a Greater Vision

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10:00 am Sunday Service with Rev. Tony Cryer
Sunday Service with Rev. Tony Cryer
Aug 12 @ 10:00 am
Sunday Service with Rev. Tony Cryer
When I am Healed I am not Healed Alone Healing is an essential element in Unity teaching and practice. In fact, the entire Unity movement began with the healing of Myrtle Fillmore, through her application of affirmative prayer. Healing of mind, body and soul is the natural outcome of practicing …

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