Charlie Worrick, Team leader
Board Liaison, Len Klein

General: To provide technical support and infrastructure for worship services and all other events and/or classes, concerts and workshops at UCC. To help create a spiritual environment for the experience of awakening and transformation of our members and guests, and to extend our message through video presentations and social media on the internet.


  1. Construct PowerPoint scripts for service.
  2. Participate in service set up and rehearsal.
  3. Refine and edit (if necessary) PowerPoint script during service.
  4. Monitor and maintain audio system during service.
  5. Record service for CD and Video distribution.
  6. Control lighting in the sanctuary during service.
  7. Close and secure equipment after service.
  8. Process video for website and YouTube channel.
  9. Maintain audio/visual library of past services and music, and maintain PowerPoint library of frequently used scripts and lyrics.

Vision for future expansion of duties:
Assist in creating A/V productions for promotion of UCC.
Assist in upgrading and maintaining audio/visual equipment.
Providing audio technician services for concerts at UCC.*
*(with possible compensation)