A Youth Education Leader

We are now actively receiving applications for a new Leader of our Youth Program. If you would love to help guide our young people at Unity, or know of someone with experience in spiritual/ religious education, please talk to Rev. Tony or call the office during the week. Deb will be available to help transition to the new team leader. We have Unity curriculum and two vibrant and capable staff members staying on in Theresa Lawn and Michelle Amaral. This is a part time, paid position. (508) 775-8400. You can be the one to Help Sparks Grow! Call us or send an email,

Our Newest Ministry Team,

The Community Care Team led by Kathy Smith-Brown is now open to receive members. Anyone interested in helping to maintain supportive contact with our members who may be faced with one of life’s many challenges… Please sign up on the back table in the sanctuary, or send Kathy an email at: More information about the team will be made available on Sunday.

Unity is on Meetup- consider joining to be reminded of all the great activities happening here. It’s free!

Prayer Partner Program Is for all who wish to pray with a partner on a weekly basis. Prayer Partners can uplift, support and hold each other in the light during the week. Contact Patricia Conte-Nelson at 508-737-4030 and she will connect you with a prayer partner to pray with and give you all the necessary instructions.


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