Fundraising efforts have begun for our new heating and cooling system.
Our heating and cooling project is off to a great start with our Dance, Raffle and private donations over the last two months for heating and cooling in the sanctuary. We will keep this campaign going through the winter. We only have $11,500 left to raise. And with your help, the HVAC system will be complete this spring. Your giving and generosity is what keeps Unity alive and thriving! We give thanks to the spirit of the living God in each of us. We walk in faith and we live in prosperity.

Please clearly mark checks or envelopes that are earmarked for Heating and Cooling (HVAC). Infinite Blessings always!

Unity is on Meetup- consider joining to be reminded of all the great activities happening here. It’s free!

Prayer Partner Program Is for all who wish to pray with a partner on a weekly basis. Prayer Partners can uplift, support and hold each other in the light during the week. Contact Patricia Conte-Nelson at 508-737-4030 and she will connect you with a prayer partner to pray with and give you all the necessary instructions.


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