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Sunday Services - 10:00 a.m.
147 Walton Ave., Hyannis, MA 02601


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Prayer for Unity on Cape Cod
I affirm the Truth of God's abundance in my life, and in Unity on Cape Cod. God is our only Source, radiating good into our lives. Aligning myself with the Christ consciousness, I am open to the divine flow of good. All things are possible as I release my limitations. I am filled with divine ideas. I hold the image of Unity on Cape Cod prospering in every way. I receive in gratitude and give generously with joy. God is, and all is well with me, and with Unity on Cape Cod.


Dear Prayer family, you'll find this helpful in praying for yourselves and others. It is filled with wonderful energy.
Human declarations are far more powerful than affirmations. And they are ten times more powerful than petitions. A petition is the way most people have been trained to communicate with Spirit. A petition is something like this: ‘Oh please, God or Spirit or Universe, help me get through this day and I will forever be grateful’. That is a petition. It is asking for help, as if Spirit is not your equal, or your partner, in manifesting what you need or want.
A declaration comes from a place of knowing that you and your own spirit [and] the larger spirit with a capital ‘S’ are truly one and not separated. So a declaration goes more like this: ‘I am infused with the power of Spirit and all beings surrounding me, and I trust, and know, that this day ahead of me will be smooth, and filled with positive results’. That is a declaration. It has power; it has intention; and all beings surrounding you will respond to that declaration and participate in supporting it in a way that does not happen, when one approaches their own spirit and the Universe, or God or whatever name you choose, from a place of being little and looking at the Universe as having all the power.


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Peace Song
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